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I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is absolutely PHENOMENAL work; worth every last red cent we spent. I can’t thank you enough for this; as someone who’s rarely at a loss for words, I find myself speechless.
— Christopher Schindler, Executive Coordinator, Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity
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I recently worked with Mike Poglitsch of Acclaim Media to have a series of short videos recorded of me and three of my clients talking about what I do as a business coach, my business, and how I’ve helped these clients of mine. I’ve never done this before and didn’t know what to expect going into it. Before the video shoot session, Mike did a great job of explaining what we’d be doing and helped me do a little prep regarding what to say and how to best get my marketing message across with these videos. The video recording session was a very easy, quick and enjoyable experience. In a few short hours, Mike recorded five videos of me talking about my business and what I can do for my clients and three short testimonial videos with three of my clients. They were each in and out of the studio in twenty minutes or less and my work with Mike was only a couple of hours to record my five videos. The finished products are great and I’d highly recommend Mike and Acclaim Media for anybody wanting to create promotional videos as marketing tools for their business.
— Jeff Vekony, Certified Business Coach, Focal Point Business Coaching
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I would highly recommend Mike Poglitsch to any philanthropic organization considering video to help potential donors better understand their cause. The cost of our video was reasonable and well worth the investment. The insight that the video gave into our mission was personal and moving. Following the video at our event, we raised tens of thousands of dollars in charitable donations for our organization—people are still talking about that video weeks later! Mike was sensitive, compassionate, and professional through the process and made the experience as easy as it could have possibly been.
— Kelly Wittich, Awareness Director, Children's Heart Foundation, Illinois
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In support of my book, I teamed with Mike Poglitsch at Acclaim Media. Mike recommended a two-minute video as the foundation of an online marketing program. Not only did Mike help with the video itself, but he also added valuable insights as to how to best position this work on multiple channels such as YouTube, my website, etc. The production of the video itself was very well run and took only a couple of hours. Within a few days, Acclaim provided a completed video, ready for digital delivery to the web. Within the first two weeks of the launch of the video, my book’s website experienced a 50% increase in viewership. This rate of increase repeated itself for the following two months as well. I highly recommend the team at Acclaim for the promotion of any work, particularly books and other written material that can benefit from a professionally produced video in this age of YouTube and other visual outlets.
— Rick Akins, Author- Fundamentally Catholic
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I got to show the video to our owners, as well as some of our office staff. THEY LOVED IT. Thank you so much! You really wow-ed us! It looks excellent, and it was so sweet to listen to the mash-up of feedback. We like the variety of shots you chose, very much! This is exactly what we need. Thank you for understanding and translating our vision into something tangible for us. We really appreciate your time.
— Jillyan MacMorris, Marketing Director, Night Light Landscape Illumination, Inc.
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I have worked with Mike [Poglitsch] for the past ten years on various video production and post-production projects in my role as both PR & Event Marketing Manager for Gold Eagle Co. and as President of the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association. I find Mike and his team to be exemplary in their approach to all aspects of a project, from conception to production to post-production and delivery. Mike and his team are prompt, professional and cost-effective and well versed in using state-of-the art media technologies. I would recommend full consideration of Mike Poglitsch and Acclaim Media for any video project.
— Bruce Kaufman, PR & Event Marketing Manager, Gold Eagle Co.
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Working with Acclaim Media on the recent membership video for the Valley Industrial Association was a pleasure. Besides the professionalism they brought to the project, they shared the same enthusiasm for it as I did. Mike had a vision for the end product long before I did and it was right on the mark.
— Cindy Tomei, Past President, Valley Industrial Association



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