How Long Should A Corporate Video Be?


How long shoud a corporate video be?

When producing a corporate video, you’re striving to hit the optimal video length. Striking the right balance with your video length will allow you to increase your viewer engagement. So what are video length best practices?

Ultimately, shorter videos see an increase in engagement as well as effective content. Here’s what you should know about optimal video length and how you can get it right every single time.  

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Optimal video length for corporate video

When creating videos, always keep in mind the type of videos you like to watch best yourself. Typically corporate videos that are shorter do better overall. Here are the categories to consider.

  • Shorter than 2 minutes: Since your viewer’s attention spans are short, you want to pack as much content into a short period of time as possible. Whether a video is 30 seconds or 2 minutes, a video sees around the same amount of engagement. However, once you’re over the 2-minute mark, you begin to see a drop off in that videos engagement, so remember that when you’re planning your production.

  • 2 to 3 minutes: This is a dead zone that you’ll want to avoid. If you find that your video will be in the 2 to 3 minutes range, you should look to cut out that extra 30-45 seconds. This will put you in the above category and keep it short and sweet.

  • 3 to 6 minutes: Viewer engagement drops rapidly during this duration. Do everything you can to keep videos shorter. A 3 minute videos engagement is around 65%, by adding a few more minutes of content you are ensuring that half the audience will turn it off (50%). Plan carefully.

  • 6 to 12 minutes: If your video needs to be longer than 2 minutes, and there will be content that just requires a longer video, you can sit in this range without worrying too much. The 6 to 12-minute range averages the same amount of video engagement, so there won’t be a significant drop-off if you need to have a 6-minute video versus a 9-minute video.

  • 12 minutes or longer: You will lose some of your audience if the 12 minutes or longer length is what you’re planning. Does your content really require this? Instead of one twelve minute video, maybe it makes sense produce six two minute videos. In addition to better engagement you’ll likely end up with content that is more flexible for your uses.

Corporate Video Engagnement

Correlation with video engagement

Optimal video lengths correlate directly with video engagement, aka, "how long does your viewer watch“. In general, you’ll need to remember that individuals have short attention spans and will click off of videos that don’t capture their interest quickly.

Even if a video is interesting, sometimes people just don’t care to watch 10-minute videos. Knowing this is crucial to ensuring that you obtain the video engagement that you desire for your corporate videos. If you have a topic that requires 30 minutes of video, look to break it up over a series of videos. Remember, six 5-minute videos are better than one 30-minute video in terms of engagement.

Corporate video length exceptions

As with everything, optimal video lengths have exceptions. While videos should be kept on the short side in most instances, there are a couple when you should also consider a lengthier one. Here are two examples:

  1. Tutorials and training videos: If you’re seeking to instruct or create a safe environment, you’ll want to make sure that you’re detailed in the video. This will make the optimal video length longer on average.

  2. Products demonstrations: If you’re sharing something new with employees and want to ensure clarity, your optimal video length will also length. Focus only on a couple of features per video.


Respecting viewers time is a good strategy when producing corporate video. Overall, following these tips on optimal video length will allow you to obtain the maximum amount of video engagement. Take a look at our portfolio gallery and note that the corporate videos we produce follow the rules laid out above.  When in doubt, keep your videos shorter and sweeter and only opt for longer videos when producing tutorials, training videos, and product demonstrations.

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