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It’s no secret that Acclaim Media produces a lot of safety videos.  We have clients throughout the U.S. that call us when they need safety video production.  We’ve helped clients large and small successfully train their staff on:

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  • Employee Safety

  • Site and Facility Safety

  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • Ergonomics

  • Laboratory Safety

  • Safety Case Studies

Active Shooter Safety Video Production

Recently we produced video content in a new area, Active Shooter Preparedness Training.  A local client wanted to train their employees on what to do at their plant should someone show up with a gun and band intentions.  They wanted active shooter safety video production to train both their office staff and their manufacturing employees at a different location.

Active shooter safety video production was a subject that never crossed any of our minds. No one in any industry would have thought of this ten years ago.  It's now a reality and it’s become an issue for HR & Safety professionals.  It’s an important business consideration.  How can businesses help keep employees safe? We worked with an outside company who developed the content for the seminar.  There were many lessons to be learned.  The safety considerations below stand out. 

Active Shooter Safety Tips:

1)  Run, Hide, Fight

These three options give you your best chance of survival when things are going bad.  Run out of the building if you can. Don’t wait for others, it’s your responsibility to go home safely to your family at the end of the day.  Hide if you cannot run. Look for “cover” wherever you can. Lastly fight, with whatever you can improvise as a weapon. Be it a phone, stapler or fire extinguisher.  Think of Run, Hide, Fight similar in terms to fire safety’s Stop, Drop & Roll, three words that can save lives. For more information on this topic view the US Government’s web page on active shooter preparedness.

2)  The "bell" tolls for thee…

During any emergency what’s everyone’s first reaction upon the news?  Call to see if you are OK. When your friends and family realize a situation is developing at your company, they will call to check on you.  Your ringing phone will give your location away if you are hiding. Turn your phone’s ringer (and vibration) off BEFORE someone calls.  No need to give away your location when in an active shooter situation.


Of course there are many other factors to be considered when producing active shooter safety video production. These should be among the first things to consider if you have a shooter on premises. If you’d like to make a more proactive approach might I suggest a security audit.  We recommend Veritas Security Solutions, LLC. Rob Haley’s company can give you a site audit and specific recommendations, along with employee training.  Rob’s Marine Corps. & FBI experience gives him a unique perspective on safety.

If you want a repeatable way to train employees of different offices, different shifts and employees yet to be hired, give us a call.  We’d welcome the chance to help train your staff as safe as possible through customized safety video production.

Questions or thoughts?  Want to take a REALISTIC view on safety training for your employees?  See our article on what safety training video production really "costs" your company, "When Budget Conflicts With the Production of Your Corporate Safety Training Video"

Feel free to call to discuss how Acclaim Media can help you produce your active shooter response training video.  Active shooter preparedness video takes a bit of planning to produce, but is invaluable when emergencies strike.  Acclaim Media is a Naperville video production company serving Chicago and the suburbs, along with clients throughout the U.S.

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